Newark Kids Count

Newark Kids Count is celebrating its 25th year!

Published annually since 1997, Newark Kids Count tracks key trends in child health and well-being in New Jersey’s largest city with the latest statistics available.

ACNJ's Newark Kids Count reports are made possible by the generous support of the Prudential Foundation and the Victoria Foundation.

Newark Kids Count Data Snapshots, Impact of COVID-19, 2021

This year, Newark Kids Count looks a bit different. Rather than a comprehensive data report, ACNJ will be releasing smaller “snapshots,” featuring data showing the impact of the pandemic on children and families with data we can currently obtain that can provide some insight for stakeholders in Newark. The first data snapshot looks at programs assisting families, as well as unemployment rates.  

The second looks at data relating to Newark’s high school senior classes of 2019 and 2020 as they transitioned to college. These data will cover trends in college enrollment and other areas, and the report’s release highlighted young people’s experiences over the last year and what education officials can do to minimize the effects of the pandemic. View a video of the event.