#NJVotes4Kids Gets Candidates Talking About Children

New Jersey’s 2017 election races for governor and legislature represent a critical opportunity to engage with candidates and put kids’ issues at the forefront of their agenda. Children can’t vote. They have no political influence. That’s why we need caring people like you to speak up for kids and make their needs heard.

Election Advocacy Toolkit

Check out these tools to help you get candidates talking about kids.

Issues Affecting New Jersey Children

Below are a list of fact sheets that provide background information on ACNJ’s priorities for children that you can use to inform candidates and ask questions.

ACNJ is calling for state leaders to:

Where Do Gubernatorial Candidates Stand on Kids’ Issues?

ACNJ submitted a questionnaire to candidates this summer. Learn about candidates’ views on major children’s issues. And then ask questions.

Candidates’ responses to where they stand on:

Election Advocacy Guide

Be a true champion for children. Use this short, easy guide to bring candidates’ attention to children’s issues during the 2017 election. Download election guide.

2017 Election Candidates’ Social Media Links

Send your candidates a message.

  • Click here for gubernatorial social media links.
  • Click to find your legislative candidates and available websites and social media links.

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VIDEO: NJ gubernatorial candidates share their agenda. Find out how they plan to make kids a priority!



For nearly four decades, Advocates for Children of New Jersey (ACNJ) has been the trusted, independent voice for children across the Garden State. ACNJ is non-partisan and accepts no state funding for advocacy, giving us the freedom to speak up for children who have no voice and no vote. Our only agenda is putting the needs of children first.