New Jersey is gearing up for the 2017 election races for governor and legislature this fall. Let’s make sure that the issues affecting children and families are center stage on candidates’ campaign platforms.

What you can do now: Join our Thunderclap!

Raise your voices for kids for the 2017 NJ Elections!

Thunderclap is a simple social media tool that allows all of us to share this link at the same exact time to amplify our
agenda and extend our reach across Twitter and Facebook.
By sharing this website – acnj.org/njvotes4kids, voters and candidates can find valuable online resources, information to connect with candidates through social media and  easy-to-use customizable tools.

Join now. It only takes a minute.

Children can’t vote. They have no political influence. And they can’t tell our state leaders what they need. That’s why we need caring people like you to speak up for kids to make a real difference in their lives. Help us send the message that children must be a top priority for the future governor and legislature of our state.

Advocates for Children of New Jersey (ACNJ) will be informing candidates on the issues affecting NJ children and families. Share the issues that you think are important and want candidates to address.

A message is best heard when we say it all together. Use #NJVotes4Kids to join the discussion on social media and tell candidates about the issues concerning children and families.

Click here for the 2017 Election Governor Candidates Social Media Contact.