Goal: To ensure all children have access to high-quality preschool

Early Learning: Preschool

New Jersey is a national leader in providing high-quality preschool to low-income 3- and 4- year olds. Research shows that children who attend quality preschool are more likely to succeed in school and in life. Download Preschool Changes Lives Infographic.

A recent study found that by 4th or 5th grade New Jersey children who attended our state-funded, quality preschools are, on average, three-quarters of an academic year ahead of students who did not attend a quality preschool.

Preschool is also good for taxpayers. For every dollar spent on full-day, high-quality preschool, we save on costly special education, prisons and other crime-related expenses and public assistance, studies show.

Time to Keep the Promise of Preschool

Despite a 2008 mandate to expand high-quality, full-day preschool to disadvantaged students across New Jersey, only four districts have received funds to achieve this goal. Advocates for Children of New Jersey is a leader of the PreK Our Way Campaign, which is working to build grassroots and statewide support for funding preschool expansion.

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Federal Funds to Expand NJ Preschool

New Jersey is one of 13 states receiving federal funds to expand preschool to children living in low- and moderate-income families. The grants totaled more than $226 million, under the Preschool Development Grants program. New Jersey is expected to receive about $66.5 million over four years. In 2015, the state will receive $17.5 million. Over the four years, about 2,300 kids will benefit from this new federal funding, either through new preschool classrooms or through raising the quality of existing preschools.

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