Every Moment Counts: New Jersey’s Blueprint to Census Success in 2020 and Beyond Appendix

Complete Count Commission plan

Legislation from the Complete Count Commission

a. Budget Resolution from the Complete Count Commission

State grant materials

a. County grant guidelines

b. Non-profit grant guidelines

c. County grant awardees

d. Non-profit grant awardees

List of funders supporting non-profit Census outreach

Conceptual overview from The Fund for New Jersey

Strategic plan from NJISJ

Strategic plan from ACNJ for children under 5

Census plan for City of Newark

Agendas from notable convenings

a. The Fund for New Jersey initial census convening (May 2018)
b. ACNJ presentation on young children (January 2019)
c. Council of New Jersey Grantmakers (June 2019)

Sample materials

a. Congressional/legislative district HTC fact sheets

b. ACNJ Census Ambassador toolkit

i. ACNJ Young Child Fact Sheet (English/Spanish)
ii. ACNJ Household Living Scenarios Fact Sheet (English/Spanish)
iii. ACNJ Census Palm Card (English/Spanish)
iv. ACNJ Generic Census Fact Sheet (English/Spanish)

PowerPoint slides

a. Generic ACNJ Census Presentation
b. Asian American Federation Census Training Slides

Kiosk guide

Secretary of State weekly social media files

Make the Road NJ flyer

2020 Census Overview revised 2019

NJ Counts 2020 for Philanthropy

Census Timeline for Philanthropy

NJ Counts in 2020 flyer from NJISJ

NJ Secretary of State Organizing Toolkit


Secretary of State Census Weekly Talking Points


Congressional District Fact Sheets


Legislative District Fact Sheets


Statewide Demographic