New Jersey narrows health coverage gap for Hispanic kids

Posted on January 15, 2016

“Healthy kids are healthy learners and states that help all kids get the health coverage they need to succeed will help build a healthier, better educated workforce for tomorrow…”
Sonya Schwartz, researcher at Georgetown University and lead author of the report

The number of uninsured Hispanic children in New Jersey declined 27.5 percent following the expansion of certain aspects of the Affordable Care Act, according to a new report by the Georgetown University Center for Children and Families, the National Council of La Raza and Advocates for Children of New Jersey (ACNJ).

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Families interested in enrolling their children in affordable health care coverage should contact NJ FamilyCare at 1-800-701-0710 or

Open enrollment through the Affordable Care Act closes at the end of January, but Medicaid and NJ FamilyCare enrollment is are open all year.