Author: Eloisa Hernandez-Ramos

Changing the Trajectory of a Mental Health Crisis: It’s Time New Jersey Make Infant Mental Health a Priority

Posted 5/24/2022 By Hannah Korn-Heilner ACNJ Outreach and Policy Associate and Nya Earrusso, MSW Student Intern/Leontine Young Fellow Over the past two years, the nation has seen an increase in rates of mental health concerns among children, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and racial inequities. In response, a National State of Emergency in Children’s Mental […]

It’s Good for Business! Employers’ Role in Strengthening Child Care

 Posted 5/16/2022 By Cynthia Rice, Esq. ACNJ Senior Policy Analyst Alexis Bailey Director of Government Affairs New Business and Industry Association The most important key to any successful business is its workforce. Regardless of size, companies thrive when they effectively engage and retain qualified staff.  A stable workforce can help a business maintain a steady […]

What #ADayWithoutChildCare Means for New Jersey Parents

Hear firsthand stories from parents on the challenges of #ADayWithoutChildCare. A provider describes what #ADayWithoutChildcare means for her center and for parents looking for care but can’t find it. Support Senator Majority Leader Teresa Ruiz’s comprehensive package of bills that would help parents, strengthen programs and support staff. This is an investment we cannot afford […]