It’s time to #Reimaginechildcare in New Jersey.

Posted on August 18, 2020

Quality child care is the backbone of our economy: It allows parents to work and go to school, nurtures our children in a safe learning environment, and prepares the next generation for success.

However, we don’t give child care the attention it needs. Nearly half of New Jersey communities don’t have access to licensed infant and toddler child care, our educators earn poverty level wages, and child care providers struggle to afford even the most basic expenses such as staff, rent and utilities. Our children deserve better. Our communities deserve better. New Jersey deserves better. That is why we are excited to be a lead partner in the Reimagine Child Care campaign — to reimagine quality and affordable child care in New Jersey. Click here to learn more about Reimagine Child Care.

Reimagine Child Care is a coalition of child care advocates dedicated to improving the affordability, accessibility, and quality of early childhood education in New Jersey. The challenges presented by COVID-19 have have made it very clear that child care is essential for babies, families, our communities and our economy. That is why we believe now is the time to challenge policymakers, business leaders, and communities to reimagine how quality child care for all can help New Jersey thrive.

Everyone has a role to play to help improve child care in New Jersey, and we need folks like you to get involved. Are you ready? Join us in the campaign to Reimagine Child Care.