Thank You for Joining Us in Imagining A Day Without Child Care

Posted on May 13, 2024

On May 13, parents, early childhood staff and caregivers across New Jersey and the nation participated in “A Day Without Child Care,” bringing attention to the essential role of our undervalued and underpaid early care and education workforce. Armed with stickers that say “Thanks to child care, I’m at work!” families were asked to imagine how a day without child care would disrupt their routine and share these moments on social media using #DayWithoutChildCare and #NJVotes4Kids.

Funding New Jersey’s child care infrastructure is just as essential as funding our roads and railways. Our child care system has been in a long-standing crisis due to a lack of accessibility, staffing shortages, and affordability challenges. Most child care providers generate just enough revenue to keep pace with minimum wage, limiting what they can offer staff and often discouraging qualified individuals from remaining in or entering the field. As New Jersey’s legislature deliberates the state budget, a “Day Without Child Care” was a call to action to invest in our children and those who care for them.