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Parent Voices: Unaffordable #StickerShock

“I only earn enough to cover the babysitter and food. If work is slow, I sometimes can’t pay the babysitter so I have to stay home.”

“I’m going to be working to pay for child care – it’s crazy!”

“What I paid in child care was what it cost for me to go to college for a year!”

“The cost is usually quite a factor. With two people having to work, one of them is just working for the babysitter.”

Parent Voices: Quality missing #AreYouKiddingMe

“I walked in and there were, like, 8 toddlers lying on the floor in the dark watching a TV show and I was like, ‘Are you kidding me!?'”

“They actually had dirty cribs sitting outside, trash, flies, and all of that. All the strollers and everything piled on top of others in the hallway.”

“Every time I come up there, there’s a different teacher in his room. I’m like, ‘Okay, who are you? You’re not the person I met last week.'”

Parent Voices: Quality costs #WorthEveryPenny

“I always say the teacher in the baby room taught me how to be a mom.”

“It is ridiculously expensive but they’re teaching your children so much. I’m fortunate to have found what we found.”

“I’m like, thank God for them because they actually know how to raise children. You know you have educators raising your children as opposed to a parent who no one gave me that book.”

Parent Voices: What they look for in child care #TheBestForMyBaby

“Someone who was right for my child and right for my family.”

“It had to be clean, it had to be safe, it had to have good parent recommendations, and allow me to stay with her or watch over to make sure she does okay and pop in and out whenever.”

“A place where you will find qualified people that will provide love, learning, teaching, safety. We just want to protect her and give her the best.”

Parent Voices: Quality child care #HowDoIKnow

“You have no idea what you’re supposed to be looking at.”

“I was pregnant and I had no clue what I was getting into. I toured places and I brought my mom and she was hesitant. I’m like, ‘But this is my only option – this is it!'”

“I just felt so helpless during that whole time period. If there was a secure door, and people generally seemed happy, that child care center was ok with me, because I just felt desperate.”