Federal COVID Child Care Funding and The Family Child Care Experience

Posted on November 1, 2023

Federal COVID Child Care Funding and The Family Child Care Experience: Utilization, Impact and What the Future Holds for Programs and Families

Child care businesses cannot survive on determination, commitment, and their love for children. The recent federal dollars provided through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARP) Stabilization Grants was hoped to be an opportunity to revitalize a critical resource for working families. But this short-term investment resulted in a short-term fix to a long-standing problem. It temporarily stabilized child care programs during the COVID-19 health emergency and revealed how extreme the situation was, particularly for family child care providers.

More than just physical capital is needed to change the course of family child care. These providers know how to improve their programs, but training and opportunities to build skills that maintain solid business practices despite existing barriers are necessary to improve the business of family child care.

Read the report to learn about the family child care experience and better understand their needs.