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In light of COVID-19, the U.S. Census Bureau has postponed or extended many of its operations.

(As of August 6, 2020) You can still complete the Census online, over the phone, or by mail. To complete your 2020 Census online, visit www.2020census.gov. If you have any questions about the Census, suspect a scam, or would like to complete your questionnaire over the phone, please call 844-330-2020 for assistance in English. For foreign-language phone assistance, please visit this page for the appropriate phone number.

Here are some important dates reflecting the U.S. Census Bureau's operational changes:

  • The Trump administration has proposed two new changes to the Census, which would have a negative impact on the count. On July 21, 2020, President Trump released a memorandum that ordered the Census Bureau to remove undocumented persons from each state's Census count for deciding legislative districts and electoral votes, once the count is complete. On August 3, the administration also announced that the Census deadline, originally scheduled for October 31st, would be moved earlier a full month to September 30th. Both changes would create an undercount that would affect public services and vital programs for the next ten years. The New Jersey Census Coalition has released two letters - one stating that all persons should be included in Census apportionment and redistricting counts, regardless of immigration status, and one calling for the Census count to continue until October 31st as previously planned.
  • New Jersey Area Census Offices Have Reopened: Area offices are open and field operations have resumed throughout the state.  Partnership specialists are available to work with community partners.  Operations have resumed in accordance with federal, state and local health and safety guidelines.
  • September 22-24: Homeless enumeration takes place.  Read more about this process here.

Census takers, known as "enumerators," are out knocking on doors right now, but people are still encouraged to self-respond online or over the phone as soon as possible. Responding yourself can avoid a visit from a Census in-person enumerator. The reference day of the Census (April 1, 2020) has not changed. 

More information on the Census Bureau’s current operational plan in light of COVID-19 can be found here.

Census Resources for New Jersey

Click to download the full toolkit (last updated 02/12/2020)

Annotated Powerpoint Presentation

Background Information

Contains Frequently Asked Questions and Q&A for Stakeholders Supporting the 2020 Census

Sample Census Questionnaire


Contains the ACNJ One Page Fact Sheet, ACNJ Young Child Fact Sheet, Household Living Scenarios, Census 2020 Palm Card, 2020 Census and Confidentiality fact sheet and Count Me! Census Stickers

Outreach Resources

Contains Monthly Ambassador Activities, Sample Text/Email Messages, Census Bureau and Complete Count Committee Contacts, Census Kiosk Guide and We Count! Picture Book

Census Ambassador Commitment Cards and Training Evaluation

Feel free to download, print and share the materials within the toolkit

Guide: How To Host A Census Kiosk

Census NJ 2020 Presentation (updated 02/13/2020)

The Census 2020 is Coming: What You Need to Know (English) (Spanish)

Count All Kids - Factsheet detailing why it's important to count children 0-5 years old (English) (Spanish)

Household Living Scenarios: Who Counts Where? - Factsheet illustrating how individuals should be counted on the 2020 Census questionnaires (English) (Spanish)

Census 2020 Palm Card - A checklist of what you need in order to answer your Census questionnaires (English) (Spanish)

These charts analyze the characteristics of children ages 0-9 of various racial and ethnic groups in New Jersey, breaking down 2010 Census data and revealing why it is so important that we get the 2020 Census counts right.


African American Population

Asian Population

Chinese Population

Colombian Population

Cuban Population

Dominican Population

Ecuadorian Population

Filipino Population

Hispanic/Latino Population

Indian Population

Korean Population

Mexican Population

Multi-Racial Population

Peruvian Population

Puerto Rican Population

White Population

Why is the Census so important?

Every 10 years, the U.S. is mandated by the constitution to count every person in the country.  The next decennial count, the 2020 Census, is coming up in March-April 2020. It is important that every person is counted, but in New Jersey there are many residents that are "hard to count." That is why outreach and education efforts are necessary to ensure everyone is counted.


Nearly $23 billion in federal funding for New Jersey depends on Census counts, including Medicaid, hospital funding, Title I school funding, child care, student loans, highway and transportation funding and school meals programs.

View full list of programs.


About 22% of New Jersey residents (almost 1.9 million people) live in a hard-to-count area.

See ACNJ's hard-to-count maps.


New Jersey has some of the hardest-to-count cities and congressional districts in the nation.

View an interactive map of hard-to-count areas.


Over 150,000 children under age 5 live in hard-to-count areas in New Jersey, and 27,000 young children were missed in the 2010 Census.

About the Census 2020 NJ Coalition

The Census 2020 NJ Coalition is a statewide outreach and awareness campaign to coordinate nonprofit and community-based efforts to ensure an accurate 2020 Census count for our state. The coalition is working together with the State of New Jersey Complete Count Commission and the U.S. Census Bureau to make sure the public has clear, accurate information about the importance of the upcoming Census.

Help spread the word.

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Upcoming Census Events

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