ACNJ Testimony on Proposed State FY2022 Budget

Posted on March 23, 2021

The Governor’s commitment to a fair and equitable State recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, especially for children and families is reflected in his proposed FY2022 budget. Much-needed additional funding for such programs for schools, public health, school aid, child care, and tax assistance for families will help to minimize the impact of the pandemic now and in the months ahead while providing funding to ensure that the needed systems are in-place to support our state‚Äôs economic recovery.

The proposed funding commitments to our youngest children is encouraging, specifically in preschool expansion, child care, home visitation, child dependent tax credit, and supports to Nurture NJ.

As we begin the second year of the pandemic, critical systems that support children, families and our state economy have been and continue to be in crisis. One of those systems that remains in peril is child care. The following testimony includes recommendations that ACNJ believes are critical in ensuring that the economy, working families and children can benefit from a stronger, more stable child care system.