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With your donation we are able to: elevate early childhood care and education issues at the state and federal level; ensure the State fulfills it’s commitment to the health and safety of all New Jersey’s children; through our KidLaw Resource Center provide parent’s resources to ensure they are able to navigate the education system so students […]

ACNJ’s Work

Over the years, ACNJ’s advocacy efforts have resulted in: More children receiving health coverage, improving their chances of growing into healthy adults More children enrolled in quality preschool programs, helping to ensure school success More children receiving a healthy breakfast at school, removing a major barrier to learning More children safe from abuse and neglect […]

Education FAQs

Education FAQs What student records are schools permitted to keep? Do parents have a right to see their child’s school records? Can my child’s school records be released without my consent? What are my district’s disciplinary rules? What disciplinary actions can a school district take against my child if he/she breaks the rules? What actions […]

Child Welfare FAQs

Child Welfare FAQs What is child abuse/neglect? What if I think a child is being abused or neglected? Should I report it? How do I report suspected child abuse/neglect? Can I remain anonymous if I report child abuse/neglect? What is the state’s responsibility in protecting children? What happens after an investigation? What are Court-Appointed Special […]