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ACNJ’s Work

Over the years, ACNJ’s advocacy efforts have resulted in: More children receiving health coverage, improving their chances of growing into healthy adults More children enrolled in quality preschool programs, helping to ensure school success More children receiving a healthy breakfast at school, removing a major barrier to learning More children safe from abuse and neglect […]

Education FAQs

Education FAQs What student records are schools permitted to keep? Do parents have a right to see their child’s school records? Can my child’s school records be released without my consent? What are my district’s disciplinary rules? What disciplinary actions can a school district take against my child if he/she breaks the rules? What actions […]

Child Welfare FAQs

Child Welfare FAQs What is child abuse/neglect? What if I think a child is being abused or neglected? Should I report it? How do I report suspected child abuse/neglect? Can I remain anonymous if I report child abuse/neglect? What is the state’s responsibility in protecting children? What happens after an investigation? What are Court-Appointed Special […]


This timeline shows some of the highlights from ACNJ’s record of success in advancing new laws and policies that help children grow up safe, healthy and educated. 1978 – Child Placement Review Act. New Jersey was the second state to mandate independent review of cases of foster children. 1979 – Children in Detention and Shelter […]

About Us

Who We Are Children can’t vote. They have no political influence. They can’t tell our state leaders what they need. That’s why we’re here. Advocates for Children of New Jersey (ACNJ) works with local, state and federal leaders to identify and implement changes that will benefit New Jersey’s children. Our work results in better laws […]