New Jersey Child Care Subsidies and COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Back in March, ACNJ conducted a survey to evaluate the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the child care community to date. To address the concerns raised, we held multiple Q&As with leading authorities to help navigate the resources available to the child care community. Here is a list of questions from the surveys and Q&As, as well as emails, conversations with members in the community and information found on the New Jersey Child Care for COVID-19 website.

For Child Care Centers that are Currently Closed:

1. Will subsidy payments be made to child care centers that have closed as a result of COVID-19?

Yes. Payments will be made until the end of April based on subsidy enrollment as of March 16, 2020. The New Jersey Department of Human Services, Division of Family Development will continue to assess the situation and make further funding decisions regarding subsidy payments on a month-by-month basis by the end of April.

2. If my program closed, will I need to submit attendance records or any other documentation even though I am being paid based on my subsidy enrollment as of March 16th?

No. Closed programs with enrolled subsidized families only needed to submit attendance records and documentations for payment in March. There was a system update and payment for April will be based on enrollment through the E-Child Care system in April.

For Child Care Centers that are Currently Open:

3. If my program is open to serve children of essential employees, but I have fewer subsidy children than my normal capacity, will I be paid for those children who are not currently attending my program?

Yes. Subsidy payments will continue to be made based on your March 16th enrollment numbers regardless of attendance until the end of April.

4. Will I receive additional dollars if I am open to serve essential service employees’ children?

Yes. Licensed child care centers that have been approved by the New Jersey Department of Children and Families, Office of Licensing to provide emergency child care for the children of essential employees and will be reimbursed per child per week at the following rates:

  • Infants - $450.35/week
  • Toddlers - $415.70/week
  • Preschool - $415.70/week
  • School Age - $336.00/week

5. Is there a list of open centers to share with essential service families?

Yes. It can be found here. Essential employees can also contact their county’s Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) Agency, who can help inform families about programs, rates and availability.

6. Will emergency child cara list oe centers receive f parents who have been deemed eligible so that we do not accept the ones who have not registered? Yes. This information will come directly from your CCR&R.

7. How do we know whether the parent has correctly filled out the emergency application?

You will receive a notification from your CCR&R informing you which families have been deemed eligible for emergency child care as essential service workers.

8. What will the payment practices and processes include for emergency child care centers?

Even though payment is based on enrollment, providers are required to send weekly attendance logs to their CCR&R. Payment will be issued through direct deposit.

9. Will essential worker parents need to provide a current universal health form and immunizations of their children to the new center?

Due to the urgency of the situation, there will be some flexibility in providing relevant health information for children.

10. Can a potential employee be hired if they have not completed a CARI check or a background check?

No. Individuals cannot be hired without completing a CARI check or having the required background check. It is best to work with your CCR&R to help find staff who meet the standards.


11. Will the parent co-payment be paid?

Yes. The New Jersey Department of Human Services, Division of Family Development may cover the full amount of the parental co-pay for all children receiving a subsidy from March 16th through the end of April. However, per guidance dated April 7, 2020, co-pay waivers have been issued. Subsidized families seeking a co-pay waiver must contact their CCR&R.

Family Child Care:

12. Will family child care homes receive the new emergency child care reimbursement rate?

No. Family child care homes will continue to receive the same subsidy reimbursement rate that they were previously receiving. However, if they are caring for children of essential workers, they will receive $100 additional per month for each child of an essential service employee enrolled.

For Parents Needing Care:

13. How do I know if I am considered essential and eligible for emergency child care assistance?

A list of those who are considered essential and eligible for emergency child care assistance can be found here.

14. I am an essential service employee. How can I apply for child care?

If you meet the definition of an essential employee, you can complete an application for emergency child care by clicking here.

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