Steering Towards a Brighter Future: Invest in NJ’s Child Care Infrastructure

Steering Towards a Brighter Future: Invest in NJ's Child Care Infrastructure

Just like our roads and railways, New Jersey’s child care infrastructure needs to be well-funded. Babies need quality care that’s accessible and affordable, with teachers earning a livable wage. NJ child care workers are “the workforce behind the workforce,” supporting working families and educating young children. Yet the average child care worker only makes about $32,000 a year. Let's compensate our child care teachers for the essential role they play which enables parents to work and allows New Jersey's communities, businesses, and economy to prosper.

Contact your legislators and make your voice be heard. Your input can influence the decisions state and local leaders make which affects you, your children, your neighbors and your community.

Become a Child Care Champion

  • Send a message to your local representatives. It takes less than one minute!
  • Want to do more? Email us at with your name and zip code, and we'll email you an electronic postcard (pdf) to personalize.
  • If you're a child care provider and would like to get involved in our postcard writing campaign, sign up here.

Make the Case for Investing in Child Care

Help make the case for investing in access to affordable, quality early education opportunities. Find your legislative district here and then share the data snapshot (below) with your state representatives.