New Jersey’s Think Babies Campaign

The first few years lay the foundation for the rest of a child’s life. A baby’s brain grows faster during these years than any other time, reaching 85 percent of their adult size by age 3. The lessons young children learn from their environments have a lifelong impact, affecting everything from life expectancy to earning potential.

It’s because of this incredible time of growth and discovery that ACNJ is calling for state leaders to do more for our children right from the start. The Think Babies campaign is designed to bring attention to the many issues that affect what babies and families need to thrive. Key campaign priorities include: quality, affordable child care; time for parents to bond with their babies; healthy emotional development; and strong physical health and nutrition.

Our first rally for babies was a success!

On May 21st, Advocates and families from across NJ strolled in front of the State House to let Governor Murphy and the Legislature know it’s time to make our youngest children a higher state priority. We want them to #ThinkBabies when they are making decisions.

Learn more about the event, view pictures and news coverage.