Think Babies NJ Story Bank

ACNJ heard first-hand about the challenges parents of infants-toddlers face when trying to find safe, reliable and affordable quality child care in New Jersey, through a series of focus groups and interviews. Below is a snapshot of what they said. Read the report.

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  • Parent’s Voices: What’s it like looking for child care?
    • Parent-Voices-NeverTooEarly
      • Parent Voices: The Infant Child Care Shortage
        • Parent Voices: Flexible Hours Unavailable
          • Parent Voices: Quality Child Care How Do I Know
            • Parent Voices: What they look for in child care the best for my baby
              • Parent Voices: Quality costs Worth Every Penny
                • Parent Voices: Quality missing Are You Kidding Me
                  • Parent Voices: Unaffordable Sticker Shock
                    • Parent Voices: Child Care Subsidies Broken System
                      • Parent Voice: Challenges after finding child care The Juggle Is Real
                        • Parent Voices: What needs to happen Child Care That Works