Echo Sutterfield

Posted on May 7, 2024

Echo, a Louisiana native and seasoned Project Manager, is a member of ACNJ’s Early Learning Team. She has a bachelor’s degree in education, and spent her early career teaching in Louisiana, Japan, and Croatia. She was later inspired to make a broader impact, leading her to pursue and obtain a master’s degree in nonprofit management, specializing in social entrepreneurship.

Her diverse career path includes serving as a Marketing Manager and Graphic Designer for Corbin Hill Food Project, a Harlem-based nonprofit with a mission to create access to fresh produce in underserved communities throughout New York City.

From here, she transitioned back to the education sector, where she played a pivotal role in designing online math curriculum for an NYC based education technology nonprofit. Additionally, she worked as a Senior Project Manager for a New Jersey media services company, overseeing a magazine and multiple digital and email marketing campaigns.

Echo’s unique blend of educational expertise, nonprofit management, and media services helps her bring a holistic perspective to her role as ACNJ’s Project Manager. Driven by a commitment to social change, she strives to make meaningful impacts in communities both near and far.