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Did you know that New Jersey preschoolers are being expelled from public schools against the law?

Facebook Twitter Linkedin By Jake Moore Policy Associate For more information on this topic contact Jake at New Jersey passed legislation in 2016 to make expulsions and suspensions of preschoolers in publicly funded classrooms against the law, except in certain circumstances. However, both remain major issues facing our youngest children.  Beginning in 2005, studies […]

Child Protection and Family Law Resources

Child Related Legal Resources The KidLaw Legal Resource Center provides helpful guides and fact sheets related to legal issues in child protection, juvenile justice and guardianship. If you have a question concerning the legal rights of New Jersey’s children in the child protection, court or juvenile justice systems and do not find the answer here, […]

16 Years Later, NJ’s College Credit Transfer Law Continues Helping Students

ACNJ Senior Policy Analyst, Cynthia Rice, helped usher NJ’s College Credit Transfer Law through both Houses of the Legislature. A recent report regarding New Jersey’s College Credit Transfer Law showed that this 16-year-old piece of legislation is still helping students navigate the complexities of transferring credits from one institution of higher education to another. Known […]

Deadline for Pandemic-Related Compensatory Education Discussions Approaching

Important reminder: Schools must meet with parents of children with disabilities by Dec. 31st to discuss pandemic-related compensatory education. As a result of the pandemic-related school closures between March 18, 2020 and September 1, 2021, many New Jersey students with disabilities suffered profound learning loss. Often, they did not receive the necessary appropriate school-based education […]