New Jersey 2022 Congressional Election Guide

Let's make sure candidates make children a priority!

This November 8th, all 12 Congressional seats are up for election, giving you the perfect opportunity to raise your voice for kids.  Do you know what issues your district's candidates stand for? ACNJ has compiled for each district a list of the candidates running, where to find their thoughts on important issues, and how to contact them. 

Read about the candidates running in your district and find out which policies they prioritize. If you do not see an issue listed that you care about, use the candidate’s contact information to contact them for more information.  Sample text is provided below. Note, not all candidates will have websites. Some only use social media platforms so don't pass up the opportunity to engage in a positive conversation with them. Be sure to tag ACNJ and #NJvotes4kids when posting on social media.

Need to Find Your District?

Visit the House of Representatives to find your local district.

Use this sample text to email your District’s candidates to find out their stance on an issue. The letter should be addressed to the candidate, include the issue you are concerned about, and a request for where they stand. Some candidates have their email addresses listed, while others require that you submit a form on their website. If you find that the candidate’s position is one you support, share it with other voters in your district.

A Note on Political Parties

While most are familiar with the two major parties in the United States - Republican and Democratic - there are other parties that candidates, elected officials, and constituents can belong to. Before each Congressional election, New Jersey holds a primary so that the Democrats and Republicans can choose who will represent their party in the general election in November.  In the list below you will find candidates from various parties that voters can choose from. All candidates running for each district that we could find are listed in alphabetical order.
NOTE: ACNJ does not endorse any candidate for any office.

Sample email regarding child care:

Dear (Congressional Candidate’s Name),

As a constituent in your district, I am writing to inquire about your stance on child care. Even before the pandemic, child care was difficult to find and afford for many families. As a working parent, I need consistent care to be able to work and provide for my family. And studies show that this is an early learning opportunity, establishing an important foundation for children. Unfortunately, affordable, quality care is difficult to find. The average tuition in New Jersey is $250 a week! Without affordable child care, families will not be able to work. Please let me know what you plan to do to solve this issue if and when you are elected to office.


(Contact information)

Learn about your candidates

District 1

District 2

District 3

District 4

District 5

  • Josh Gottheimer (Democrat)
    Email web from:
  • Frank Pallotta (Republican)
  • Louis Vellucci (American Values Party)
    Issues- (bottom of page)
  • Jeremy Marcus (Libertarian)
    No information available.
  • David Abrams (Stop Israel Boycotts Party)
    No information available.
  • Trevor Ferrigno (Together We Stand)

District 6

  • Frank Pallone Jr (Democrat)
    Email web form:
  • Susan Kiley (Republican)
    Issues- (scroll to the bottom of page)
    Email web form- (form)
  • Tara Fisher (Libertarian)
    Email web form -
  • Eric Antisell (Move Everyone Forward Party)
  • Inder Soni (New Jersey First Party)-
    No information available.

District 7

  • Robert Menendez Jr. (Democrat)
  • Marcos Arroyo (Republican)- no website or image found
  • Pablo Olivera (Labour Party)
    No official website, contact possible through his Facebook
    Email -
  • Dan Delaney (Libertarian)
    Issues - Not available
    Email -
  • David W. Cook
    Issues - No website available.
    Email -
  • Joanne Kuniansky (Socialist Workers Party)
    Issues - No website available.
  • John Salierno (Truth and Merit Party)
    Issues - No website available.
    Email -

District 9

District 10