News Releases

05/05/2021 – New Data Snapshot Highlights How COVID-19 Pandemic Affected Newark’s Children, Families

12/10/2020 – ADVISORY: National/NJ Kids Count reports on state of child well-being to be released 12/14

09/29/2020 – FY2021 State Budget Signed – Here’s the Breakdown

09/21/2020 – Child Care Group Size Increases to 15 and Other Licensing Updates

09/11/2020 – NJ Budget Resolution Aims to Expand Child Care for Infants and Toddlers

08/05/2020 – ADVISORY: POSTPONED – Virtual Strolling Thunder Postponed Due to Hurricane Isaias

08/04/2020 – ADVISORY: Virtual Strolling Thunder Tells Legislators Remember Babies in the Budget

07/22/2020 – ACNJ, NJ Census Coalition Condemning Pres Trump Memo Blocking Undocumented Immigrants from Census Count

06/24/2020 – New Report Offers Ambitious Roadmap to Close Inequities for NJ Babies

11/22/2019 – 2019 NJ County Kids Count: Outcomes in Child Well-Being Vary by Race and Region

11/04/2019 – NJ lags nation in providing nutrition for young children

06/27/2019 – Supreme Court Decision Blocks Citizenship Question, Helping Ensure Complete Census Count in New Jersey

06/13/2019 – Trenton Kids Count 2019 shows mixed progress in child well-being

05/30/2019 – New Jersey Lawmakers, Advocates Urge Action to Avert NJ Child Care Crisis

05/22/2019 – New Report Finds Medicaid Expansion Leads to Healthier Mothers and Babies

04/01/2019 – New Jersey Making Strides in Keeping Children in Foster Care Connected to Families

03/28/2019 – Newark Kids Count 2019: Special Focus on the City’s Young Men of Color

03/01/2019 Dozens of New Jersey Groups Call on Governor for Census Outreach Funding in FY2020 Budget

08/21/2018 2018 NJ Kids Count County Rankings reveal disparities in child well‐being across state

07/30/2018 2018 NJ Kids Count Report- Babies Count, highlights New Jersey’s youngest residents.

05/21/2018 Strolling Thunder NJ rally brings more than 150 babies to NJ state house

04/30/2018 New report offers strategies to feed more of NJ’s youngest children.

04/10/2018 NJ serves up more summer meals in 2017 Sites, sponsors sought for 2018

03/27/2018  Newark children twice as likely to be lead poisoned as children statewide, Newark Kids Court reports 

03/13/2018  New Jersey joins national “Think Babies” campaign

03/07/2018 School breakfast, attendance bills advance in Senate

12/12/2017  School breakfast participation dips

11/20/2017  8,000 Fewer NJ Students Missing Too Much School, but More Work Needed

10/24/2017 2017 Race for Results report shows disparities while highlighting the importance of immigrants and children in immigrant families

09/11/2017 ACNJ shares responses from gubernatorial candidates at 2017 Children’s Summit

09/05/2017 Nearly Half of Newark High Schoolers Missing Too Much School

07/10/2017 How are kids faring in each of NJ’s 21 counties?

06/13/2017 New Jersey Ranks Eighth in Latest National Rankings for Child Well-Being

06/13/2017 New Jersey communities missing out on $6.6 million to feed kids in summer

05/30/2017 Center-based child care options for N.J. infants and toddlers in short supply, new study finds

05/22/2017 2017 NJ KIDS COUNT draws attention to federal investments in children, #NJVotes4Kids campaign urges NJ gubernatorial candidates to put kids’ issues center stage 

04/25/2017 NJ’s Child Care Quality Rating System Shortchanges Providers Caring for Low-Income Children

03/16/2017 Newark Kids Count report shows progress made, more work needed

03/07/2017 NJ serves up more summer meals in 2016 Sites, sponsors sought for 2017

02/14/2017 NJ Jumps to 19th Nationally for School Breakfast

12/12/2016 Cory Booker, Jennifer Velez help celebrate the 25th Anniversary of NJ Kids Count

11/21/2016 Fund would help feed hungry children

10/20/2016 Passaic First in State for School Breakfast; Hunterdon Last

10/20/2016 Report: Communities can do more to combat childhood hunger, Thousands of NJ children face hunger

09/14/2016 136,000 NJ Students Missing Too Much School

08/30/2016 NJ high schools lag in serving breakfast to teens

08/01/2016 Report: Newark children faring better in midst of pervasive poverty

07/27/2016 New resource for parents to find summer meals for kids

06/21/2016 NJ Ranks 2nd for Education Nationwide in 2016 KIDS COUNT Data Book

06/14/2016 When school’s out, hunger moves in for NJ kids; Meals to be offered at a growing number of sites across the state.

06/06/2016 New Jersey Kids Count 2016 Report Shows Mixed Progress in Child Well-Being

04/25/2016 New report on devastating toll of parental incarceration on kids

02/16/2016 NJ Jumps to 23rd Nationally for School Breakfast

01/21/2016 Newark students missing too much school, Call to action for school and community leaders

01/19/2016 New Jersey narrows health coverage gap for Hispanic kids

12/10/2015 Paterson posts gains for kids

10/20/2015 Forum aims to end “school to prison” pipeline

10/15/2015 Passaic first for school breakfast: Hunterdon last

10/15/2015 Breakfast after the bell feeds more NJ students

10/05/2015 Federal funds open preschool doors to 1,500 NJ kids

09/17/2015 NJ child poverty drops; More children insured

09/10/2015 News: 177 NJ school districts have unacceptably high chronic absentee rates

07/21/2015 NJ sees continued decline in family fiscal health

07/01/2015 NJ needs to expand summer meals to more hungry children

05/19/2015 Most NJ foster kids live with families

04/20/2015 Race for Results: Children of color struggle on all fronts

03/10/2015 Report: Newark kids healthier, poorer

02/25/2015 Report: Critical supports lift kids out of poverty

02/10/2015 NJ achieves highest increase in nation for school breakfast

01/27/2015 Pre-K Our Way kicks off

12/10/2014 NJ wins PreK expansion funds

11/12/2014 Report: Take dual approach to ending child poverty

10/07/2014 School breakfast participation rises 55 Pprcent

09/08/2014 Bound Brook, Quinton win school breakfast challenge

07/28/2014  Survey says NJ foster children need more positive visits with family 

07/28/2014 NJ shows mixed progress in protecting children, Relaxing standards would be ill-advised

07/22/2014 Two decades of progress for NJ kids, Despite rising poverty, child well-being improves in many areas

06/24/2014 Summer May Leave Nutritional Gap for Newark Children

04/24/2014 Hunterdon Tops Kids Count Rankings, Cumberland Is Last  

04/01/2014 New Scorecard Shows Race Matters for Kids

02/26/2014 NJ Child Care Providers Need Help to Improve Quality of Care

02/06/2014 Newark Kids Make Progress Over 10 Years, Still Lag Behind Peers Statewide

01/28/2014 NJ 4th Graders Score Low on Literacy, Still Ahead of Nation

01/21/2014 NJ Jumps to 37th Nationally for School Breakfast

12/11/2013 NJ parents struggle to find quality, affordable child care

11/03/2013 NJ Leads Nation in Preschool Attendance, Still 88,000 Children Lack Access

10/01/2013 School Breakfast Participation on the Rise Statewide, 320, 000 children still unserved

09/19/2013 Child Poverty Continues to Grow in NJ

07/31/2013 National survey finds overwhelming support for public investments in early learning

06/24/2013 NJ Leads Nation in Education, Loses Ground on Health

06/13/2013 NJ seeks to limit information about child deaths

05/21/2013 Hunterdon Tops Kids Count Rankings, Salem Comes in Last

04/23/2013 NJ Districts Challenged on School Breakfast

02/27/2013 NJ Leads Nation in Dramatic Drop in Juvenile Incarceration

02/27/2013 Time for NJ to Keep the Promise of Preschool

02/06/2013 Booker, Facebook Fund Respond to Newark Kids Count Vow action to help babies, toddlers get a strong start

02/06/2013 Just Starting Out and Already Behind: Newark Children’s First Years Fraught with Perils

01/23/2013 South Jersey School Breakfast Summit Aims to Feed More Hungry Students