Support Home Visiting Services: Urge Congress to Reauthorize MIECHV by Oct1.

The Maternal Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) Program, the primary source of funding for New Jersey’s robust home visiting system, is set to expire. If MIECHV is not reauthorized by October 1, more than 5,000 NJ families annually could lose effective home visiting services that improve children's health, school readiness and economic security. Send a message to your Members of Congress now. 
Your representatives need to hear your experiences, your voice and it is important that you personalize your message. Below is suggested sample text you can copy and paste after the first paragraph.

Sample for a parent receiving or received services in the past:

My home visitor has been so important to my family, especially during the pandemic. Add a few sentences about how the home visitor has supported you and your child(ren).

Please help to make sure the MIECHV program is reauthorized so families can continue to receive these vital services.

Sample for a home visitor/program manager of a home visiting program:

As a (home visitor/program manager) for (add name of your program, location, general information about your program and a story of how home visiting has benefited a family or families you have served). You can also share a story about how the workforce will be impacted if funding is not increased and reauthorization is not completed on time.

We need your support to ensure the continuation of this vital program in New Jersey. We would love the opportunity to have you participate in a home visit so you can experience first-hand the value of home visiting and the benefits for the families we serve. Visits can be either virtual or in-person. Please let me know if you are interested and/or available and we will work on setting this up.

I am looking forward to sharing more about our program, the importance of home visiting and reauthorizing MIECHV.