Preschool expansion letter to Congress

Dear (Insert your congressperson’s name):

I know you face very difficult choices in deciding which programs to fund, with limited resources and so many needs.

As your constituent, I am writing to urge you to support investments in high-quality preschools, which have proven successful in leveling the academic playing field for low-income children and ensuring that more of our young learners get off to the right educational start.

Not only is this good for children, it is good for our families, communities and the state. Multiple studies show that children who attend high-quality preschool are less like to need costly special education and more likely to perform well in school.

In fact ,one study from the National Institute for Early Education Research found that by 4th or 5th grade, New Jersey children who attended state-funded, quality preschools are, on average, three-quarters of an academic year ahead of students who did not attend a quality preschool.

I urge you to support the federal proposal to expand preschool to children in New Jersey and across the nation. This investment could provide preschool to thousands more children. When our nation invests in successful preschools, children and families benefit. And so do all the residents of our state.


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