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Compensatory Education and the Impact of COVID-19

Many New Jersey students are still experiencing academic and behavioral challenges related to the impact of COVID-19 mandated school closures and the ongoing challenges schools are facing to meet the diverse needs of their students. This presentation provides an overview of the issues and how parents can advocate for appropriate education services due to learning loss, including compensatory education rights.

Derechos y Protecciones Contra el Acoso y Intimidación Escolar (HIB)

Este video explica las leyes relacionadas con el acoso y la intimidación escolar para que los padres pueden ayudar a su hijo, sea víctima de intimidación en la escuela o sea participante en la intimidación o acoso de otro estudiante. ***** (This video in Spanish, explains the laws regarding harassment, intimidation and bullying so that parents can advocate for their child, whether the child is a target of bullying or has engaged in bullying.)