How to Advocate for School Breakfast

The NJ Food for Thought School Breakfast Campaign has created advocacy tools that you can use to educate your school leaders and community about the importance of school breakfast and advocate for more effective breakfast programs. Below are links to those tools.

The campaign also works with local coalitions to organize meetings and develop advocacy strategies to expand school breakfast participation. For more information or help in forming a local coalition, contact Reginald Dorsey at or Lisa Pitz at

NJ Food for Thought Advocacy Tools icon_toolkit

 icon_graph Find data for your school district to present to your school board, superintendent, business administrator, food services coordinator and Parent Teacher Association.
 icon_memo2  Sample letter to your school officials
 icon_memo2  Sample letter to the editor
 icon_stories  NJ breakfast success stories
 icon_video2  School breakfast videos
 icon_infographic  School breakfast Infographic
 icon_memo1  Department of Education Memo on school breakfast
 icon_factsheet  School breakfast fact sheet – English
 icon_factsheet  School breakfast fact sheet – Spanish
 icon_factsheet  Breakfast improves learning fact sheet


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