Child Nutrition Updates

Campaign News Releases

04/30/2018 NEWS: New report offers strategies to feed more of NJ’s youngest children.

04/10/2018 NEWS: NJ serves up more summer meals in 2017 Sites, sponsors sought for 2018

02/13/2018 NJ stalls on school breakfast; advocates call for requiring breakfast after the bell

12/12/2017 School breakfast participation dips

06/13/2017 New Jersey communities missing out on $6.6 million to feed kids in summer

03/07/2017 NJ serves up more summer meals in 2016 Sites, sponsors sought for 2017

02/14/2017 NJ Jumps to 19th Nationally for School Breakfast

11/21/2016 Fund would help feed hungry children

10/20/2016 Passaic First in State for School Breakfast; Hunterdon Last

10/20/2016 Report: Communities can do more to combat childhood hunger, Thousands of NJ children face hunger

08/30/2016 NJ high schools lag in serving breakfast to teens

07/27/2016 New resource for parents to find summer meals for kids

06/14/2016 When school’s out, hunger moves in for NJ kids; Meals to be offered at a growing number of sites across the state.

04/07/2016 NJ Lags in New School Breakfast Payment Option

02/16/2016 NJ Jumps to 23rd Nationally for School Breakfast

10/19/2015 NEWS: Passaic First for School Breakfast, Hunterdon Last

10/15/2015 Breakfast After the Bell Feeds More NJ Students

02/10/2015 NJ Achieves Highest Increase in the Nation for School Breakfast

11/12/2014 School Breakfast Data Correction

10/07/2014 School Breakfast Participation Rises 55 Percent

09/08/2014 Bound Brook, Quinton win School Breakfast Challenge

01/21/2014 NJ Jumps to 37th Nationally for School Breakfast

10/01/2013 School Breakfast Participation on the Rise Statewide; Still 320,000 eligible children unserved

04/23/2013 NJ Districts Challenged on School Breakfast

01/23/2013 South Jersey School Breakfast Summit Aims to Feed More Hungry Students

 Campaign E-News

06/21/2018 – Help spread the word about summer meals for kids!

04/10/2018 – News: NJ serves up more summer meals in 2017

02/22/2018 – Progress! Bills advance on school breakfast, attendance

02/13/2018 – NJ stalls on school breakfast; advocates call for requiring breakfast after the bell

01/04/2018 – NEWS: School breakfast dips, summer meals gearing up

12/06/2017 – New school breakfast data coming…

11/06/2017 – News about feeding NJ kids!

09/11/2017 – New ways to combat childhood hunger, make kids a priority in elections

08/08/2017 – NEWS: NJ creates new fund to feed kids!

07/06/2017 – What’s happening to combat childhood hunger?

06/13/2017 – Let’s spread the word about summer meals for Trenton kids!

06/06/2017 – Spread the word about summer meals!

05/11/2017 – Easy-to-use resources to feed NJ kids!

04/11/2017 – Important news about child nutrition in New Jersey!

03/06/2017 Monthly Enews: NJ serves up more summer meals

02/22/2017 News: Simple ways to celebrate school breakfast week

02/14/2017 News: NJ moves up the ranks on school breakfast!

02/02/2017 Monthly Enews: News on NJ summer meals, breakfast, resources

01/13/2017 NEWS update: Fund to feed kids advances in state Legislature!

01/11/2017  NJ lawmakers to consider new fund to feed kids

12/07/2016  Exciting news about feeding NJ kids!

11/22/2016 Alert:  Good News! Nourishing Young Minds Fund to address child hunger

11/10/2016 November Child nutrition update

10/05/2016 Your invited to a great event on child nutrition

09/13/2016 How are NJ high schools serving breakfast?

08/03/2016 Tools to boost school and summer meals program

07/25/2016   Find summer meals sponsors near you!

07/22/2016  Thanks for being a summer meals sponsor!

07/08/2016 Summer’s here and so is hunger for too many kids

06/03/2016 Spread the word about summer meals!

05/02/2016 Summer meals resources, money for meals

04/27/2016 Action Alert: Oppose Congress’ efforts to take food from hungry kids!

04/21/2016 How can you claim federal dollars to feed hungry Salem County children?

04/08/2016 NJ lags in new breakfast payment option; gearing up for summer meals

03/02/2016 Money for meals, school breakfast week and more!

01/13/2016 ACTION ALERT: Urge Congress to feed little kids in child care!

01/13/2016 A New Year, New Chances to Feed Kids!

12/03/2015 What do principals think of breakfast after the bell?

11/05/2015 School breakfast jumps 75 percent in NJ!

10/05/2015 Food, football featured at 5th annual NJ school breakfast report release; Register today

07/01/2015 NJ needs to expand summer meals to more hungry children

06/01/2015 NEWS: Before School Gets O-U-T, Consider C-E-P

05/04/2015 NEWS: Does your school qualify for community eligibility?

04/09/2015 NEWS: New grants and resources to expand school breakfast

03/12/2015 NEWS: Money for Meals

03/05/2015 NEWS: Anti-bullying forum planned

02/04/2015 NEWS: Building healthy schools free event, school breakfast help

01/08/2015 Breakfast help for the New Year!

11/06/2014 Is your district a school breakfast underachiever?

10/09/2014 Is your district a breakfast champ or underachiever?

09/08/2014 Who won the NJ School Breakfast Challenge?

07/31/2014 School breakfast grants, webinars, challenge winners

07/08/2014 DOE issues guidance on community eligibility

06/04/2014 Community eligibility, summer feeding

05/07/2014 New tool for increasing school meal reimbursements, simplifying paperwork

Important news about child nutrition in New Jersey!