How to Implement Breakfast After the Bell

When implementing breakfast after the bell, school districts often face logistical challenges. There are plenty of resources to help overcome these challenges! School officials who have implemented breakfast after the bell report that implementing the program was far easier than they originally anticipated and breakfast quickly becomes part of the morning routine.

Find below tools for teachers — how to make breakfast after the bell work in the classroom and ways to maximize instructional time:

NEA Breakfast In Classroom Toolkit

 100 Books to Read Over Breakfast


The USDA provides a comprehensive toolkit to help districts implement breakfast after the bell. The federal government has provided a new way for schools with high levels of child poverty to simplify their paperwork so they can feed more hungry students. Learn more about Community Eligibility.

The Food Research & Action Center’s Breakfast Blueprint provides a comprehensive guide to implementing effective breakfast after the bell programs. FRAC also provides a Breakfast After the Bell Implementation Guide Template that helps districts develop a rich, state-specific plan to inform and engage stakeholders to ensure successful school breakfast expansion.

The NJ Department of Education has issued guidance stating that breakfast can count as instructional time in NJ. Read the memo.

To help school officials figure out the finances of breakfast after the bell, No Kid Hungry has developed this Breakfast in the Classroom Calculator.

Finally, several organizations provide technical and financial assistance. Find these resources.

The bottom line: Breakfast after the bell is do-able!